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WiX v3.0 has been released!

Executive summary: Download WiX v3.0 RTM here.

On schedule and under budget (seeing as how I’m no longer around to get my weekly WiX paycheck), WiX v3.0 has been released to SourceForge and marked RTM/stable. The WiX v3.0 RTM build number is 3.0.5419.0, which was released 19-Jun and is, I’m pleased to point out, a prime number. (Well, the 5419 part is, anyway.)

Rob, Candy, and I built a stabilization/escrow plan that locked down the WiX core toolset (basically wix.dll), then extensions, and finally Votive, documentation, setup, and everything else. I’m happy to say we stuck to that plan very well, taking only one targeted and isolated fix to the Differ class used by Torch.

There were bugs reported in the final weeks of v3.0 that we concluded weren’t important enough to “reset escrow” and delay the release of WiX v3.0. Most of those bugs are in the queue to be fixed in WiX v3.5.

Speaking of…Work on WiX v3.5 has already started in earnest. Burn is coming together nicely and for the trailblazers, Votive is now available for Visual Studio 2010 beta.

There’s plenty more work to do, in WiX v3.5 and beyond, but for now, I’m really proud of the work we’ve done in WiX v3.0.

See Rob’s post.