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Visual Studio 2010 CTP available

As part of the PDC 2008 festivities, the Visual Studio team has released a CTP of Visual Studio 2010. As predicted, the CTP includes a “productization” of WiX, including the core toolset, Votive, and many of the WiX extensions.

Many? Not all? Right; the CTP includes the following extensions:

  • WixIIsExtension
  • WixNetFxExtension
  • WixSqlExtension
  • WixUIExtension
  • WixUtilExtension
  • WixVSExtension

That means, at least in this CTP, the following extensions aren’t included:

  • WixComPlusExtension
  • WixDifxAppExtension
  • WixDirectXExtension
  • WixFirewallExtension
  • WixGamingExtension
  • WixIsolatedAppExtension
  • WixMsmqExtension
  • WixOfficeExtension
  • WixPSExtension

We hope at least some of them will make a reappearance by the time beta rolls around.

The version of WiX included is 3.0.4325 from last month.

Check it out yourself: Download the ~7GB Virtual PC image, make note of the passwords shown on the download page, run the self-extractor to extract the ~24GB(!) .vhd, and load it in your favorite virtualization software. Take a look at the C:\Program Files\Visual Studio 2010 Windows Installer XML Toolkit CTP directory.

The Visual Studio folks working on shipping WiX hang out in their own CTP forum. Check out Candy’s intro thread.

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