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Highlights of WiX v3.0.4311.0

WiX v3.0.4311.0 was released on Friday, 11-July-08. You can download it from

New features

  • Neil Enns, late of the MSBuild team and now working on secret stuff, contributed a new section of how-to topics for WiX.chm. (This was actually new in v3.0.4220, but I didn’t catch it. Mea culpa!)
  • Neil also added support for multiple .wxl (loc-string collection) files in .wixproj projects.
  • The SecureObj custom actions, triggered by the use of the PermissionEx element in WixUtilExtension, now support 64-bit systems, including both x64 and IA64.
  • Jason added support for MSI 4.5 multi-package transactions to DTF.
  • I added new file-i/o functions (FileReadPartial and FileWrite) and error reporting for XML parsing errors to the dutil library.
  • Aaron added new documentation in addition to fixing WixUI bugs.
  • Votive now has fancy new high-res/high-color icons on Windows Vista.

Bug fixes