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Highlights of WiX v3.0.4102.0

WiX v3.0.4102.0 was released on Friday, 02-May-08. You can download it from

New features

  • The assembly version numbers of assemblies like wix.dll are now “locked” at Doing so lets anybody build a WiX extension for WiX v3 without having to rebuild it every time a new build of WiX is released. The file versions will continue to be updated with the build number in the third field.
  • Added -fdvital switch to Candle and FilesVitalByDefault property to wix.targets to specify that all files should get their msidbFileAttributesVital bit set by default.
  • 1908965

Bug fixes

  • Lots of minor features, tweaks, and bug fixes in Votive.
  • The Votive features in Wix3.msi can now be uninstalled if you first uninstall the corresponding version of Visual Studio. Previously, they’d be left behind even during a major upgrade or complete uninstall. This was caused by an overly aggressive feature condition.
  • 1603124
  • 1839779
  • 1879305
  • 1904861
  • 1905383
  • 1951034