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Highlights of WiX v3.0.4025.0

WiX v3.0.4025.0 was released on Friday, 25-Apr-08. You can download it from

New features

  • Tweaks to the build system continue. The bin/wixenv.bat file sets up the environment for building WiX, including setting the path to include NAnt and Visual C++.
  • If you want to build WiX without using bin/wixenv.bat, you can do so now by setting one environment variable (down from several). Set WIX_ROOT to the root of the src directory.
  • With a version of Visual Studio 2008 that supports it – Team System Development Edition or Team Suite – you can run “Code Analysis for C/C++,” also known as PREfast. From make.bat, use the prefast option. If you want to run NAnt directly, specify -D:codeanalysis=prefast.
  • In a somewhat ironic twist, the strsafe.h header for safer string functions is incompatible with code analysis, so I wrapped strsafe.h with a header that disables the warnings code analysis emits.
  • WcaAddTempRecord now takes an optional argument to retrieve the error code if inserting the temporary row fails.
  • The new WixGamingExtension for registering games in Windows Vista’s Game Explorer.
  • BinderFileManager is the new name for the extensibility point in the binder for customizing how WiX resolves files.
  • Multiple BinderExtension objects are now supported.
  • WixUI localization string sets for French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Russian are now included.

Bug fixes

  • The InternetShortcut extension and custom action had a bug that the directory they were to be created in wouldn’t be automatically created. Added the code to create them if needed using temporary rows in the CreateFolder table.
  • To support Visual C++ 2008 projects, we took a dependency on MSBuild 3.5. The former was intentional; the latter was not. For an immediate workaround, so you can run WiX tools on .NET 2.0, we reverted to MSBuild 2.0 dependencies. The downside is that the MSBuild targets no longer support references to Visual C++ 2008 projects. We’re working on a long-term fix.
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