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Highlights of WiX v3.0.3907.0

WiX v3.0.3907.0 was released on Friday, 7-Mar-08. You can download it from

New features

  • In last week’s build, I updated the .cubs to the versions shipped in the Windows 2008/.NET Framework 3.5 SDK. While that fixed the bugs in ICE39 and ICE45, it introduced a new bug – or at least a “suboptimal design” – in ICE66. ICE66 reports a warning if you use a Shortcut table that has the new columns introduced in MSI 4.0. WiX supports MSI 4.0, so includes those columns. (Previous versions of MSI ignore them.)

    Unfortunately, ICE66 checks only that the columns are present and that your package schema is less than 400. It should check that any of the columns are used (i.e., have non-NULL values) before warning. So I worked around ICE66 by implementing all of its checks in the WiX linker instead and suppressing ICE66.

    It’s easy to implement such checks in the linker because we have all the WiX objects to check various tables and rows; it would be interesting to see if we could implement the less efficient ICEs (like ICE03) in the linker and cut down on build time.

Bug fixes

  • 1906436
  • 1909111
  • WoW64 file system redirection is now enabled while creating the MSXML object, to fix the XmlFile and XmlConfig custom actions on Vista x64.
  • Peter, who originally added support for InstanceTransforms, added support for transforms when the Product/Id attribute uses asterisk to generate the product code every build. That was previously an error.