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Highlights of WiX v3.0.3829.0

WiX v3.0.3829.0 was released on Friday, 29-Feb-08. You can download it from

New features

  • Rob brought back the long-lost WixComPlusExtension and WixMsmqExtension extensions, both in the binaries .zip and the WiX installer package.
  • WiX extensions can now have reference paths specified as metadata in .wixproj projects.
  • You can now run individual ICEs during validation (in addition to the default of running all except those explicitly suppressed). Light has a -ice switch and an Ices property in the MSBuild targets.
  • XmlFile in WixUtilExtension now supports a SelectionLanguage attribute to choose between XPath and XSLPattern if MSXML 3.0 or later is installed on the target machine.
  • Heath added support for extensions to be able to support version-checking between authoring and extension version. So you can make sure your authoring is being built with a version of the extension that handles it correctly (or, say, has an important bug fix).

Bug fixes