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Highlights of WiX v3.0.3711

WiX v3.0.3711.0 was released on Friday, 11-Jan-08.

New features

  • The WiX MSBuild tasks run repeated commands faster by recycling AppDomains rather than always creating new processes.

  • MSBuild tasks are now available for Heat and its extensions.

  • The ComponentGroup element can now be a child of Product.

  • Binder variables can be used wherever localizable integers are allowed so you can now use !(bind…) in addition to !(loc…).

  • Binder variables now include FileVersion and FileLanguage from versioninfo resources, if present. Syntax is:



  • Multiple .wxl files of the same culture can now be added to a .wixlib. (Multiple .wxl files of different cultures have always been supported.)

  • 1867685: An enhancement to the change I discussed in Simplifying the WiX v3 language.

  • Localization support for Votive and its templates.

Bug fixes

  • The MSBuild wix.targets file is now marked as trusted in the registry to avoid a hackaround to avoid security prompts.
  • 1853251
  • 1848762
  • 1853854: The actual bug was missing localization strings.