5 Replies to “WiX v3.8.1021.0 completes Visual Studio 2013 support”

  1. I’ve tested WiX 3.8 on VS2013 Integrated Shell and it worked. There was one anomaly though. The C++ project type showed when I selected File | New Project | WiX. The CSharp and VB.NET projects correctly did not show. I was able to create and build an installer so all is mostly good. (This is an important use case to me since I have customers who don’t own Visual Studio who want to be able to use WiX and IsWiX as a development IDE for MSI’s.)

  2. Will do. Let me go test VS2012 behavior first. FWIW I frequently install both the isolated shell and the express SKU and then create two different solutions. I’d want to make sure that C#/VB.NET/C++ still show up in the Express SKU. 🙂

  3. My last comment was worded poorly. I know I can’t create the projects in Express but I do like being able to build them. Too much testing today.. my brain is fried.

    I tested on VS2010/12/13 Integrated Shell without Express installed and C++ showed.

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