The new and weekly builds is WiX’s new home. Eventually, everything can and will be hosted under one roof. For now, hosts news and weekly builds. (Mailing lists and bug and feature trackers remain on SourceForge and RTM builds remain on Codeplex.)

Now that there’s a spot for weekly builds again, the hiatus that began with the release of WiX v3.6 beta in October is done. WiX v3.6.2520.0 is available and contains almost three months of features and fixes. One of the nicest new features is a much-improved bootstrapper application for the WiX bundle installer.

Take a look, install, try it out, and report bugs!

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  1. Could you explain is this “Metro alike” window an emulation using GDI or there is really the way to create WPF, Metro alike dialogs? Could you point me what to read if I want to add some Metro spices to my installers GUI?

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