Goodbye and hello again

This week was my last at Microsoft. After six and a half years, I decided it was time to resign from the collective and seek out new opportunities.

What opportunities? Well, I have a few things in the works but for now here’s a vague Q&A using an icosahedral decision-making device:

Q Are you resigning from the WiX community as well?
A My sources say no.

Q Are you going to work for a Microsoft competitor?
A Don’t count on it.

Q Will you be available for consulting?
A You may rely on it.

Q Are you going to write a WiX book?
A Signs point to yes.

Q More than one WiX book?
A Outlook good.

Q Will you develop additional tools, custom actions, or extensions for WiX?
A Most likely.

Q Will you contribute them to the WiX project?
A Concentrate and ask again.

Q Will they all be available as open-source?
A Ask again later.

Stay tuned for details.

In closing, I’d like to thank Rob for creating WiX, doing the work to make it Microsoft’s first open-source project, and giving me an opportunity to contribute these past six-plus years. It’s safe to say it kept me moderately sane on more than one occasion. I got to know the original batch of core WiX developers and help the “next generation” come in. Along the way, I learned a lot, mostly (but not exclusively) about development, WiX, and MSI.

WiX was first released publicly a few months before I joined Microsoft and I was immediately intrigued. Then I joined Microsoft and helped ship WiX v2.0, v3.0, and v3.5. Now I’ve come back full circle, on the outside eagerly awaiting v3.6 and the opportunities it brings.

5 Replies to “Goodbye and hello again”

  1. Rob,
    Thanks for all the MSI related goodness you have given us over the years, and may we all look forward to your future endeavors.
    Whatever you decide to do, have fun doing it.
    Tim Owers.

  2. Bob,

    Thank you very much for your contribution in Wix so far!!! And I believe that you will contribute even more!!!

    Wish you all the best with your new job!


  3. I figured after hiring you for Microsoft that I’d be working for you by now. Here’s hoping that life is good and you are happily busy doing great thangs.

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