Experimental results part II

It’s been four-plus months since Experimental results part I. All reports point to The Experiment being a success so it’s time to make it permanent. Today I checked in a change that defaults to opting-out of the troublesome disk-costing dialog box. It’s still present but by default will not be shown. If you’re using a stock dialog set, there are no changes you need to make. If you’ve built a customized dialog set, remove the WixUICostingPopupOptOut WiX variable definition from your dialog set fragment or you’re likely to get an error message at link time:

The Windows Installer XML variable ‘WixUICostingPopupOptOut’ is declared in more than one location.  Please remove one of the declarations.

You can opt back in to the disk-costing dialog box by providing a value of 0:

<WixVariable Id=”WixUICostingPopupOptOut” Value=”0″ />

Look for this change in next Friday’s builds of WiX v3.5 and v3.6. (Any build more recent than yesterday’s v3.5.2208.0 and v3.6.1008.0 will have it.)

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  1. Bob, I have consistently repro’d the infinite costing dialog and a fix for it. Here’s the scenario: MSI built with WiX 3.0 (Deployment Framework for BizTalk) gave me the infinite costing dialog EVERY time on Windows Server 2008 under Windows Virtual PC. There was simply no way around or past it through the GUI mode install. I figured that since the process involves disks, the place to start was to get rid of as many disks as possible. I disabled the Floppy Drive controller in Device Manager — no luck. I still had C: and a DVD drive. I then disabled ATA Channel 1 under the IDE controllers to kill the DVD drive — and the costing dialog issue disappeared. After trying different combinations enabling and disabling devices, this was definitely the source of the problem. If I configured Virtual PC to None for the virtual DVD drive, that also seemed to solve the issue (vs. mapping to a physical drive or ISO file). Hope that lends some insight.

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