Highlights of WiX v3.5.0529.0

WiX v3.5.0529.0 was released on Friday, 29-May-2009. You can download it from http://wix.sourceforge.net/releases/3.5.0529.0/.

But please don’t, unless you’re champing at the bit to help us work on the Burn chainer or Votive. This week’s release is focused on getting the v3.5 tree building using the beta release of Visual Studio 2010 and other infrastructure pieces involved in building and publishing a new branch of the WiX toolset. As such, it’s a developer’s release and isn’t ready for general use.

That said, as promised, here’s what you can look forward to in the very near future:

  • Burn, the new WiX multi-package chainer platform.
  • Votive integratation for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Extension support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0.

7 Replies to “Highlights of WiX v3.5.0529.0”

  1. I believe I read that 3.5 will drop 2005 support for Votive. If that’s correct, is there any reason why you still need to publish the projectagreggator.msi?

  2. I’m not sure what your answer actually means. Votive has in the past been effected by VS2005 regression bugs so if your no longer fixing bugs it would seem that VS2005 would soon no longer work with votive.

  3. If Votive completely stopped working VS2005 and nobody was interested in fixing the bugs before v3.5 was released, I suppose we might consider dropping support. Otherwise, as I said, there are no plans to do so.

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