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Highlights of WiX v3.0.5329.0

WiX v3.0.5329.0 was released on Friday, 29-May-2009. You can download it from

WiX v3.0 is in release-candidate phase, approaching release: There are zero v3.0 bugs open. See Rob’s empty chart. Only critical bugs breaking core use cases would be considered for WiX v3.0 now.

Developer ID Description
Aaron Updated error message that's displayed when there's a mismatch between a database's codepage and characters used in the database. Oh, if only there were a way of representing all those characters…Alas, until then, MSI databases require codepages and that means that you have to use the right subset of characters for the codepage you're using.
Aaron Added a topic on integrating WiX into a Team Foundation Build lab project.
"Various artists" Fixed typos in error messages, changed the logging output of a couple of MSBuild tasks to not look like error messages, added schema support for links inside element descriptions.
Aaron 2795343 GenerateBootstrapper ApplicationFile must be relative path

So I guess WiX West team in Redmond has been relaxing as WiX v3.0 winds down…oh wait, I guess we have been cooking up a little something