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Highlights of WiX v3.0.5322.0

WiX v3.0.5322.0 was released on Friday, 22-May-2009. You can download it from

WiX v3.0 is in release-candidate phase, approaching release: There are only 6 v3.0 bugs still open. See Rob’s bug breakdown.

Developer ID Description
Aaron Removed the block from the WiX installer that prevented installation when the Visual Studio distribution of WiX was installed. Now that the Visual Studio distribution of WiX is no more, is bereft of life, rests in peace, and is otherwise an ex-distribution, the block is no longer needed.
Me Fixed "missing" pages in the online WiX v3.0 manual. They weren't missing, just using inconsistent case, which matters on SourceForge's servers.
Eric 2777114 Problem with wixproj msbuild macro values
Me 2786736 Wix uses wrong msbuild version for .vcproj references
Eric 2792176 ConvertToAbsolutePath task not found VS2005
Me 2792525 Missing punctuation in WixUI_en-us.wxs