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Highlights of WiX v3.0.5217.0

WiX v3.0.5217.0 was released on Friday, 17-April-2009. You can download it from or from the WiX releases page.

There are 10 v3.0 bugs still open. See Rob’s bug breakdown.


WiX v3.0.5217.0 is the WiX v3.0 RC2 build. We encourage all users to upgrade to this build for the latest fixes and to help verify that WiX v3.0 is ready for release.


The following changes are since my last WiX Highlights entry for WiX v3.0.5120.0. There have been several WiX releases since then but this is my first relatively calm weekend since relocating to Cambridge to write them up.

Developer ID Description
Aaron Doc additions and fixes.
Eric 2058168 Need fallback language support for localization files.
Brian 2211152 Harvesting a VS Project requires ToolsVersion=3.5
Justin 2318790 Votive does not set VS2005 variables correctly
Jason 2529664 Votive Wxs Project output name escapes build variables
Jason 2662406 Votive Locks Referenced Assemblies in Memory
Jason 2663956 Error creating or opening a Load Test
Eric 2683755 Incorrect BaseIntermediateOutputPath in wix.targets
Eric 2685596 Reference Paths in Visual Studio UI not working
Eric 2696086 Referencing a .WXL in your .wixproj causes strange behavior
Mike 2706770 iis:Certificate still creates extra private key files.
Rob 2708717 Empty Merge ConfigurationData throws exception
Jason 2710297 DTF Custom Actions Fail To Run
Brian 2712994 Heat fails with NullReferenceException on website
Jason 2716886 EmbeddedUI fails with no visual feedback
Rob 2722325 Grammar error in WixUI_en-us.wxl : UITextSelLocalLocal
Brian 2726721 heat.exe : error HEAT0001 : Item has already been added.
Rob 2738387 fileutil.h packaged in wix sdk/inc won't link with dutil.lib
Aaron 2738629 Incorrect link in manual-wix3/check_for_dotnet.htm
Jason 2741235 Cannot add folder to a WiX project
Mike 2748157 Blank password not handled correctly for certificates
Jason 2748323 Error loading Wix projects in VS IDE in FOLLOWING BUILDS
Eric 2749259 Useless shortcut created by a Game element with no PlayTask
Brian 2749598 Harvest file File/@Source does not include root directory
Mike 2750437 PerformanceCounter uninstall rollback removes perf counters
Eric 2750885 Cannot enter default culture in properties dialog
Eric 2750892 Cannot build neutral culture
Peter 2759518 $(env.PROGRAMFILES(X86)) not supported
Peter 2768755 Missing ComponentRef or Directory
Brian 2770117 Problems Harvesting Individual File using file harvester