Highlights of WiX

Without a marketing budget to declare WiX releases full of NEW! and IMPROVED! features, I thought it might be interesting to dig a little deeper into the changes that are published on a weekly basis (holidays notwithstanding). We maintain a history.txt file that’s published with every drop but it’s usually a bit spare.

So weekly (plus or minus), I’ll post about the most recent weekly release of WiX. Just the highlights; if you want an exhaustive list, check out history.txt and if you want an exhaustive diff, fire up your favorite directory diff tool against the two sets of source. (Beyond Compare works great at this kind of diff.)

We’ll see how this experiment works.

5 Replies to “Highlights of WiX”

  1. Thanks for your highlights information.

    One point I would like to mention is following:
    Since the history.txt is some kind of bit spare and as I see it contains the sourceforge cvs log messages it would be helpfull, if the entries are separated with a weekly release (version) marker. Then it would be much easier to determine the changed places where to point your diff tool.

    Best regards

  2. Dominik,

    Yep, it’s something I’ve thought about doing. The scripts to manage the source control and such are kinda ugly but maybe I’ll dive in…

  3. I appreciate the summaries that you have posted since announcing this experiment. They are at the right level of detail for someone who is a WiX enthusiast but doesn’t have time to sift through the posts in the mailing lists to figure out what’s going on. I’d love to see these cross-posted to the news section on the WiX Web site.

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