Flight Simulator X: Acceleration releases to manufacturing

My second project at ACES Studio, the Flight Simulator X: Acceleration expansion pack, has gone gold. Well, 12.5 percent of it has: We sent the English release to manufacturing but we have seven more languages we’re shipping over the next couple of weeks. So while the extra-long days are a bit more normal now, the weekends are still fairly busy, coordinating builds and releases with our international folks in Dublin and Tokyo.

Acceleration was a “small” release, but only by the standards of a 14GB, two-DVD Flight Simulator X. Here are some mildly interesting statistics:

Number of DVDs 1
Number of files 7121
Compressed byte count 2,567,158,638
Uncompressed byte count 4,014,683,859
WiX version used to build installer 3.0.3304.0
Visual C++ version used to build setup UI and custom actions 8.0
Number of new custom actions 5 (plus rollback and scheduling CAs)
Number of new custom tables for data-driven deferred custom actions 2
Number of WiX custom actions consumed 2
Percentage of WiX custom action enhanced for Acceleration where enhancements were contributed back to WiX 100

Seven more languages to go!

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  1. There seems to be a common problem with the activation of the Acceleration add-on. Many individuals appear to get the same error message “Error: 1-80004005” I have followed the checks to fix the error like going into regedit and checking for the “partmgr”. I checked for the product ident number in the help area and found the the number was there. I have the progrm installed on a clean 300 GB hard drive with no other programs installed on it. I can still run the program but, only for the 30 min, and the multiplayer button is missing. What can I do other than returning the program to microsoft for a refund.

    Thanking you in advance,

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