WiX Toolset v3.10 released

As planned, WiX v3.10 was released on (American) Labor Day. The RTM build is v3.10.0.2103.

Download it here.

Update: Rob also had words about WiX v3.10.



Burn and WixStdBA

Core toolset




  • @rseanhall updated the build to use the latest Sandcastle help-build tool and to acquire it via NuGet. [issue]
  • @robmen added an error message that detects when strong-name verification skipping hasn’t been set up for a developer build. [pull request]
  • @rseanhall made maintaining history easier by merging individual history messages into the master history.md. [pull request] [pull request]
  • @robmen fixed an error message. [issue] [pull request]
  • @heaths added support for the Windows 10 SDK. [pull request]

And the rest

WiX v3.10 Release Candidate 2 build available

After shipping “the” WiX v3.10 release candidate back in June, we finished off a couple of features that required us to wait for Visual Studio 2015 RTM to be released. We also took a couple of trivial, small, and minor changes. So it’s time for another release candidate, to make sure WiX v3.10 is ready to ship.

Download it here.

If you find a bug, please report it as soon as possible.

Update: Here’s what Rob has to say about RC2.

Here’s what happened since RC1:

WiX v3.10 Release Candidate build available

The WiX v3.10 Release Candidate build is now available! The focus of the WiX v3.10 release is supporting Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10. As anticipated — almost like it was intentional — we’ve also fixed a number of bugs and implemented a small number of small features, but nothing big or risky.

We’re now ramping up the bug bar on WiX v3.10. That means bugs have to be really serious to get approved for v3.10. Don’t let that stop you from reporting bugs–we have plenty of numbers left in the v3.x series.

The plan for the RTM release of WiX v3.10 is to wait. Windows 10 ships 29-July and presumably Visual Studio 2015 ships shortly thereafter. As soon as Visual Studio 2015 RTM ships, we’ll put out a call for eyes to take a look and help verify that WiX continues to work with the RTM bits as expected. We’ll allow a short time to get feedback, then declare RTM.

Please download the RC release and help us get v3.10 across the finish line!

The WiX Tutorial has a new home

Gábor started the WiX Tutorial during the WiX v2.0 days. (Ah, we were all so young, then.) Over the years, the tutorial has grown to cover WiX v3.x and built a localization project to help contribute localizations to the WiX project.

Now the WiX Tutorial has moved to FireGiant. Take a look at the blog post I wrote to announce it. Then take a look at the tutorial itself. And do let us know what you’d like to see in the tutorial going forward!

FireGiant’s new blog

Take a look.

At FireGiant, we’ve been wanting to talk about some of the things we’re doing with and for WiX. It turns out, sometimes 140 characters aren’t enough. Rob blogged about the refresh of the FireGiant Web site. My contribution was the first (of many, many) posts in the blog Setup Matters.

Setup Matters represents two concepts: We’re going to talk about setup because setup is important. These aren’t new concepts, if you’ve been following along these past 11 years or so.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be summarizing the weekly(ish) WiX online meetings on Setup Matters.

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